Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Facial Treatments

Oxygen Facial – a perfect treatment for dry, dehydrated and ageing skin. Using pure oxygen and botanical infusers it will plump, nourish and hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, bringing back a dewy, nourished, plump skin

Diamond Dermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using a sterile diamond head to a rare and buff over the top layer of skin, vacuuming out dead skin cells and debris such as blackheads excess sebum and dry skin cells. The procedure promotes cell renewal, eradicating unwanted pigmentation and blemishes; irons out fine lines and wrinkles giving a more even skin tone and allowing better product absorption.

Microdermabrasion Facial – £55
Oxygen Facial – £55
Microdermabrasion with Oxygenating Facial – £80